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Letters from the Past

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Lost Energy

Some Days

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Waves of Change

Pressure Points of Emotion

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What Day Is It Anyway?

Feel Like I Have Been Living In “The Handmaid’s Tale”

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Quarantined In Our Thoughts And Feelings

FEARS – The Fog of Confusion

Sometimes, Stop and Breathe in the Moments of Taking a Break! We need to learn to stop and think of changes.


Darci Doll, What You Taught Me

Do you like this dress?

A New Year?

Emotional Whiplash

Isolation, Your Own Jail Sentence

Grief, What a Beautiful Mess!

Victim or Survivor? Why Just One?

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

Beware of the Rabbit Hole!

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Daydreaming a Better Day

Breathing Can Be So Hard Sometimes