Some Days

Little mind filled with movies




Strong women


Happy endings 

Growing up with different scenes

Last picked 

Never picked 

Sometimes picked 

Should have been picked 


Desire difference 

Darkness of one can change so much

Lights go out 

Scenes not seen

Pain just felt 

Awful sounds heard but who said it

Ending never seems to come

Happy ending never 

Just confused 

Desiring difference 

Reaching for light switch

It’s on now to see 

Destruction and chaos show 

Like war movie rubble

Pain of anger and fighting

Innocent hurt and crying 

Many confused 

Many desiring difference 

Need to heal 

Need to change the scene 

Important to change 

Music finally plays again

Good music plays again

Starting to breathe from tension 

People are moving on 

Credits end

Less confused 

Still desire change 

…but the light is on for new story to begin

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