Daydreaming a Better Day

When we were kids, everyone says to get your heads out of the clouds or stop daydreaming and focus. I thought daydreaming was not good if you wanted to succeed in life. Daydreaming got you nowhere fast. Right? No, I don’t believe so anymore. I use daydreaming when life is too much carry. You know those days when nothing is going right and you just want to sit on the floor and throw a tantrum like a toddler? Or those days when the person you loved the most is hurting you beyond measure and you feel like you can’t breathe anymore? These are daydreaming days to take you away from it all.

I have imagined myself winning the lottery and saying, “Asta La Viesta, Baby” to all those people pressing on me. I have thought about how that would make the narcissistic sociopath in my life really stand at attention for once. Sadly money is the most important thing to that person. I have imagined meeting someone who honestly wanted a relationship that was based on love and loyalty. This person saw in me all the beauty that I have been trying to give to the wrong person. I have imagined getting my movie script read and chosen by Netflix. My passion for writing was finally validated as a gift. I have even imagined something so simple as just smiling all day. Well, I have actually done this at times to feel happier. The crazy thing is that these daydreams didn’t derail my tasks for the day or confuse me of my reality. These daydreams made me stop for a minute imagine something positive and something I strive for in life. They reminded me of who I am and what I want. I actually felt that I was worth the good things in my beautiful vision of positivity. Well, because I am worth it but often forget that when toxic people tell me or show me I am not worth it.

Daydreams can give us the moment we need to JUST BREATHE in positive feelings about ourselves and the world around us. I don’t let them steal me away for an entire day, just a few minutes of sunshine and rainbows to get me back on my feet. So forget what they told us in elementary school. Daydreams are beneficial to keeping your feet aimed at a better life. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.
Just keep breathing in the good and breathing out the bad. And enjoy a good daydream every now and then when you need it.

God Bless daydreaming!

Breathe out fear and breathe in power. Breathe out darkness and breathe in light. Breathe out being stuck and breathe in moving forward.

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