Breathing can be so hard sometimes…

Breathing seems so easy right? In and out. In and out. Keep repeating. But on those days when each breath is filled with anxiety, sadness, anger or fear, they can feel like you are squeezing frozen honey through a small opening. Life is tough some days. We all have those frozen honey days. It is when those days turn into weeks, months or even years. How do you keep squeezing frozen honey?

I started this blog because I have been feeling this way for a very long time. I have been on a roller coaster with an addicted husband who has very strong narcissistic characteristics. The majority of our relationship has been like trying to squeeze frozen honey while riding a never-ending roller coaster. Sounds crazy huh? Well, it has made me that way many times. I have gone to Alanon meetings for years. I have sat and listened to speakers from Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. I have gone to family weeks in rehabs. I have been to family counselors and personal therapists. I have read so many books. The one thing I have realized through this sea of support is that I am not alone. I have heard versions of my story too many times. Feeling alone is so hard when you are living in this chaotic, dysfunctional world. I don’t want anyone to go through this alone. I want to create a place for the hope of change to embrace everyone and guide them towards another sunset. Sunsets tell us we made it through another day and there is always tomorrow.

So, if you are trying to squeeze frozen honey and need a friend. You are not alone. Just take a deep breath and breathe in the good and breathe out the bad. And remember no matter what you are loved and supported.

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